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City Council Agenda/Synopsis

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MAY 12, 2016  7:00PM

Please silence all cell phones during Council Meetings

     I.        Consideration of Items for Consent Agenda 6:30PM
    II.        Executive Session
  III.        Opening Ceremonies

1     Call to Order

2     Posting of the Colors

3     Pledge of Allegiance

4     Invocation

  IV.        Recognitions and Proclamations

    V.        Consideration of the approval of the minutes of the regular meetings of the Tybee island City Council

1     City Council Meeting, April 6, 2016

2     City Council Meeting, April 14, 2016

3     City Council Workshop, April 28, 2016

 VI.        Consideration of Boards, Commissions and Committee Appointments

VII.        Reports of Staff, Boards, Standing Committees and/or Invited Guest.  Limit reports to 10 minutes.

VIII.        Citizens to be Heard:  Please limit comments to 3 minutes.  Maximum allowable times if 5 minutes.

1     Jim Kluttz, Hotel/Motel Tax

2     Keith Gay, Orange Crush and Facilities Rental

 IX.        Consideration of Approval of Consent Agenda

 X.        Public Hearings

1     Planning Commission Minutes, April 18, 2016

 XI.        Consideration of Local Requests & Applications – Funding, Special Events, Alcohol License

 XII.        Consideration of Bids, Contracts, Agreements and Expenditures

1     City Manager’s Waiver of the Nepotism Prohibition – Ocean Rescue Division – Brandon Harvell (lifeguard) and Rachel Harvell (dispatch) – Part-time Seasonal Employees – Relationship (Siblings)

2     Approve budget amendment from 2014 SPLOST of $18,164 from the TIFD SPLOST to the DPW Infrastructure SPLOST to cover the balance of the paving cost. Time sensitive in order to get paving done in May.  Budget Line Item: 322-4210-54-1410 (2014 SPLOST Infrastructure)

3     Carroll and Carroll proposal to pave the remaining streets/paths in campground - $27,776. The quote is based on the same unit price for paving as the bid price for city streets this year. Grading and preparation of these smaller street/lanes is in addition to the standard paving. This improvement will improve the Good Sam’s rating of the park. This is a time sensitive request in order to complete the paving during the month of May when Carroll & Carroll is paving city streets.  Budget Line Item Number: 555-6180-54-1400 (Infrastructure)

4     North Beach Concession Stand and Janitorial Services RFP – City did not receive any proposals from the private sector. Woody Hemphill with Rivers End representing the city participated in the proposal process and submitted the enclosed proposal. After review of the proposal and an analysis of expenses and revenues, Mr. Hemphill submitted an amended expenses budget with estimated excess revenues over expenditures are $18,442 annually with a projected first month expenditure of $54,559 which includes needed startup equipment expenses. Recommended is acceptance of the proposal with the amended expense budget by Mr. Hemphill. This will be funded separately from Rivers End a separate general fund departmental category. Mr. Hemphill is very capable manager and has experience with both the retail sales and janitorial service due to his nearly 10 years as the manager of Rivers End RV and Campground.  Explanation: Time sensitive due to startup date of June 1, 2016

5     North Beach Restrooms and Showers: Tippens & Polk ConstructionChange Order #3 - $11,484 – Additional concrete pads for trash receptacles and cigarette urns, added planter next to NB Grill, added paver walkway on the south side of NB Grill, extended walkway to facilitate better pedestrian flow, added stairway on south end of decking, additional landscaping. AND Greenline ArchitectsAdditional design fee related to Change Order #3 - $2,375

                    Base Construction Cost               $815,000.00                         

                    Change Order #1                       $    1,661.00

                    Change Order #2                        $    2,700.00

                    Change Oder #3                        $  11,484.00 (This request)

                    Total Construction                      $830,845.00

Greenline: Remaining Contract Balance          $ 10,600.00

Greenline: Additional Drawings for men’s stalls $375.00

Greenline: Design and engineering

           Changes due to unexpected utility location and height      $2,007.50

     Greenline: Additional Drawings and design for CO #3       $2,375.00     (This request)

     Ga Power and McClain Invoices                     $14,018.00                          

       Independent Inspector (Whitaker Labs)      $  6,336.00

      Water & Sewer Meters and Materials            $ 2,258.00

       Tables, garbage/recycling receptacles’,

       Bicycle rack, cigarette & flags.                     $ 11,158.38

      (Total Other Costs)                                   $ 49,127.88

      Grand Total Construction & Other Costs       $879,972.88

      8% Contingency                                       $ 70,397.83

      Total Remaining Project Budget:   $950,370.71

      Account number 325-6125-54-1310

6.    This agenda item is a request the City Council use the fiscal year 2016 SPLOST 2014 Capital Project Fund to purchase $31,882 of rescue equipment from Ski-Doo for the Fire Department

XIII.        Consideration of Ordinances, Resolutions

1     First Reading, 2016-13, Sec 2-3-31, Abolish Audit Committee

XIV.        Council, Officials and City Attorney Considerations and Comments

 XV.        City Manager’s Report

XVI.        Minutes of Boards and Committees

1     Ethics Commission Minutes, October 28, 2015

2     Friends of Tybee Theater Minutes, March 21, 2016

3     Public Safety Committee Minutes, April 1, 2016

XVII.        Executive Session

1     Discuss litigation, personnel and real estate acquisition

XVIII.        Possible vote on litigation, personnel and real estate acquisition discussed in executive session

XIX.        Adjournment


*PLEASE NOTE:  Citizens wishing to speak on items listed on the agenda, other than public hearings, should do so during the citizens to be heard section.  Citizens wishing to place items on the council meeting agenda must submit an agenda request form to the City Clerk’s office by Thursday at 5:00PM prior to the next scheduled meeting.  Agenda request forms are available outside the Clerk’s office at City Hall and at www.cityoftybee.org.



“is to make Tybee Island the premier beach community in which to live, work, and play.”


“is to provide a safe, secure and sustainable environment by delivering superior services through responsible planning, preservation of our natural and historic resources, and partnership with our community to ensure economic opportunity, a vibrant quality of life, and a thriving future.”


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City Council Workshop Synopsis, April 28, 2016


Mayor Buelterman called the workshop to order at 6:00PM.  Those present were Julie Livingston, Monty Parks, John Major, Wanda Doyle, and Barry Brown.  Also attending were Diane Schleicher, City Manager; Angela Hudson, Director, Finance Department; and Janet LeViner, Clerk of Council. 

Consideration of Local Requests & Applications – Funding, Special Events, Alcohol License

Review options for the approval process and location / date restrictions of the proposed Film Related Production Application in preparation for consideration of implementing the Application at the 5/12 City Council Meeting.  Discussion only.

Alcohol License Request:  Beer/Wine/Sunday Sales: RAW Ingredients (new restaurant, already licensed).  Wanda Doyle made a motion to approve.  Monty Parks second.  Vote unanimous, 5-0. 

Consideration of Bids, Contracts, Agreements and Expenditures

GEFA Deep Well Project:  Request for Extended Work Hours for this Public Works Project.  Withdrawn, to be approved at staff level.

Request the City Council’s approval to pursue refinancing the debt for the River’s End RV Park and the three Water and Sewer GEFA Loans.  Wanda Doyle made a motion to approve.  John Major seconded.  Vote was unanimous, 5-0.

Out of state travel:  Heart and Soul Mobile Workshop, Duluth, GA, May 11 – 12, 2016.  Tour travels to Greenville, SC. Wanda Doyle and Monty Parks.  John Major made a motion to approve.  Barry Brown seconded.  Vote was unanimous, 5-0.

Budget Discussions

Quarterly Reports.  No action taken.

Planning and Zoning

Department of Public Works

Tybee Island Police Department


Tybee Island Fire Department


Human Resources

River’s End Campground

Workshop Items

Goals.  Discussion were held regarding 2016 Goals.

Barry Brown made a motion to adjourn.  Wanda Doyle seconded.  Vote was unanimous, 5-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM.

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APRIL 21, 2016



     I.        Call to Order

 II.        Budget Discussion

·       Water/Sewer Department

·       River’s End RV Park

·       Solid Waste

·       Emergency 911 Fund

·       Confiscated Asset

·       Hotel-Motel Fund

·       SPLOST 2003 – Capital Project Fund

·       SPLOST 2008 – Capital Project Fund

·       SPLOST 2014 – Capital Project Fund

·       Chatham County SPLOST VI Project

·       Capital Grant Project Fund

III.        Executive Session

a.    Discuss litigation, personnel and real estate acquisition

 IV.        Possible vote on litigation, personnel and real estate acquisition discussed in executive session
   V.        Adjournment


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